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Wednesday, 16 January 2008 22:28


2% on gross wages, commissions or net profits. You must pay taxes to Whitehall if:

  • You live outside the city but work in the city
  • You live in Whitehall and work outside the city
  • You live and work in Whitehall
  • You do business in Whitehall
  • You are a business in Whitehall


$88.83 mills per thousand = on a $100,000 home, taxes would be $2,150.34 per year.


A no-fee application must be approved by the Mayor. Fill out application a few weeks before the event so that the service department can sweep the streets. Call (614) 338-3106 for details.


A no-fee application must be approved by the Mayor. Two sales are allowed per year, for no more than three consecutive days at a time. No signs are allowed except for the hours of the sale, and they are only permitted on the property.


Lights are required when riding at night. A helmet is not required, but encouraged. Bicycles must be ridden on the streets, not sidewalks. They must be ridden with the traffic, not against. Licenses are not required, but for identification purposes in case of theft, you can register your bike with the police for a one time of $1.00. Rollerblades, rollerskates, and skateboards are not permitted on the streets. Call (614) 237-6333 for details.


To report power outage or start or close an account call 24-hour customer service call Columbus Southern Power... (614) 836-2570

To start or close a gas account call: Columbia Gas (614) 460-2222 Emergency service weekdays: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (614) 461-1576 After hours emergency..... 800-282-0157


Insight (614) 236-1200
Warner (614) 481-5320
Americast (614) 848-2278


Columbus Division (614) 645-8270


Board of Elections (614) 462-3100 You may register at any public library or deputy registrar. You must be a resident of Franklin County for 30 days prior to registering.


Town & Country License Agency (614) 237-8247 Offers all forms of Ohio Licenses, including Ohio Driver’s Licenses and Skills Tests, out of state vehicle inspections and title conversions, fleet work for companies, notaries, vehicle registration, renewals and transfers, replacement and specialized license plates, hunting, fishing, duck stamp, boat and motor licenses, plate frames, and nuts and bolts.


    Trash, refuse, bulk, recycling and yard waste are collected on Tuesday of each week by Rumpke Waste Systems. Weeks with an observed Tuesday holiday will move collection day to Wednesday for that week only. Regular trash collection day will then return to Tuesday of the following week. All trash, refuse, bulk, recycling and yard waste should be but in front of properties at the street after sundown on the day before pickup, and cans should be brought in by sundown on the same day as collection.
    Residents who have yard waste must use either biodegradable paper bags purchased at local hardware or grocery stores and set out to be taken by Rumpke Waste Systems on trash collection day; or, the yard waste can be placed in separate containers (that you provide) and mark with a “Rumpke Yard Waste” sticker. Two stickers are available per residence at no charge. They may be picked up in the office of the Director of Public Service, 360 S. Yearling Road, weekdays between the hours of 8:00 am, and 5:00 p.m. Containers of yard waste will then be emptied weekly by Rumpke Waste Systems on trash collection day.
    The City of Whitehall Service Department will not pick up any building materials, tires, hazardous materials or refrigeration units. Building materials are defined in part as roofing materials, concrete, blacktop, plumbing fixtures, wall board, lumber, carpeting materials, etc.
    The City will pick up brush and tree trimmings only if it is generated by routine yard maintenance. The City will not pick up any limbs, brush or branches removed by a commercial contractor. The materials should be placed at the curb or at the front of property. It will then be picked up by the Service Department as expeditiously as possible. You do not need to call the Service Department to request a brush pickup. It is requested that the large cut ends of the tree or branch be placed along the side of the curb with that end pointed in the direction of traffic flow. Note: Rumpke Waste Systems will pick up brush and tree trimmings on your regular trash collection day if it is neatly bundled and tied into manageable four-foot lengths. The Service Department prefers to have all small-and-medium-sized piles of brush and limbs removed by Rumpke Waste Systems. Therefore, residents should prepare and set out small-and-medium-sized piles of brush and limbs according to Rumpke’s specifications, and they will pick them up on regular trash collection day. CHRISTMAS TREES Rumpke will collect Christmas trees each week through the end of February. Residents are asked to place their trees at the curb for collection. Trees will be collected on regular yard waste collection day only. Trees need to be free of all wrapping, garland, and decorations. Christmas trees do not need to be cut or bundled and should not be placed in plastic tree bags. Pine roping and any other live decorative material besides Christmas trees must be bundled or placed in a yard waste bag for collection. All wire and decorations must be removed. If you have any questions regarding the services provided by the Whitehall Service Department, please call them at (614) 237-8612.
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