No Trouble Sorting Out Title Transfers

property conveyancerThere is a silver lining to the sad passing of my husband  Pat’s grandfather. It turned out that he owned a large parcel of land in Melbourne, which came as a surprise to all of us. Even better, he left it to Pat, seeing as he was the only one of his grandchildren to settle in Melbourne. Everybody else is scattered across the country, although I am not sure that will stop them from wanting a piece of the pie. We have already sought the best conveyancing company Melbourne has to offer, in order to ensure that the property passes into our rightful ownership.

It does look a little suspicious that the last will was changed just a few days before the death. Pat was the only grandchild to visit his grandfather in his dying days, and he deserves to be compensated accordingly. He did take the week off work, after all. I do hope that his cousins see eye-to-eye on the matter, rather than unfairly jumping to conclusions. Pat’s family can be most disagreeable at the best of times. This is why we have decided to sort out the legalities of the title transfer so quickly. It is difficult to navigate property law when you have little experience in such matters, despite my flair for researching while my daughter Arya naps.

I never knew much about property conveyancing before, but being the meticulous planner I am, I now am aware of what conveyancers do and how they can help us with the new property we one. At the moment we are in the process of transferring the title to Pat, but depending on what we decide to do with the land, we may require their services for subdividing or to transfer the title again if we sell. My name is not on the title yet, but as Pat’s wife, it may as well be. We decided that it would be better to wait to sort that out until long after after the dust has settled from the funeral.