I Must Impart My Knowledge

large conference centreFather has gone to a conference, presumably one where he teaches people less intelligent than he how to conduct proper business. I’m not too surprised, obviously. There’s much to learn from someone like Father, to the point where it’s a wonder anyone else has any business sense at all. I hope to one day be just like him.

I told Mother I should very much like to accompany Father on his business endeavor, but she said that Victoria’s conference centres were places for adults, where things would be discussed far above my ken. A rather silly notion, in my opinion. Though I am but young, I am my fathers son. Business is in my blood.

That’s why I’ve decided to host my own conference in Lorne, with a syllabus of my choosing.  I’ve chosen Lorne because it has one of the best conference centres in the state and also because I enjoy walking along the many beaches. 

It will be aimed at boys my age who may not have had the privileged upbringing of myself, where they will learn (from me) the basics of economics. Even though my conference with be aimed at youth, I will not hesitate to…how shall I say…drop the knowledge bombs.

For example it would appear that purchasing large amounts of property is actually not entirely a wise business decision without potential buyers, since you have to spend a lot of money on cleaning.

Also, while the hostile takeover of an entire chain of luxury hotels might SEEM prudent, if you fire all the staff and don’t hire any more, it’s actually not a good business decision.

I think this conference is really going to take off, as they say. Now I need to look into venue hire, and I’ll more or less be done. I have my heart set on Lorne. Father has some property in the area that I haven’t visited since I was a child. 

-Archibald Kane III