I just need to talk about ice skating

ice skating instructorIt runs in my blood, I tell you. Like, there’s ice in my blood, but not in any of the bad ways. Like, I’m a pretty nice person, but ice skating is in my blood and I have to talk about it, sometimes even when other people are talking. Isn’t that odd? That’s rather odd, yeah, but we all have our passions.
Now, it’s my dream to one day be an ice skating instructor, because I can’t think of much else that would be better than passing on my knowledge. I suppose the only problem there is that I’m a terrible teacher overall. I just keep talking about myself, and how I managed to accomplish this or that…and I genuinely think that I’m doing some good. Like, if this student gets what I did, first hand from the source, it’ll all click! Except that’s not so much how people work. Everyone learns differently, and see how I totally get that outside of lessons? I can say that, but the few times I’ve taught have ended in light disaster. There was that one girl who flew over from Russia to be taught by the Yugoslavian fellow. He was off ill with some kind of yellow flu, or blue flu, or some other coloured flu. Anyway, i was the next most senior ice-skating expert, so they told me to show her some of the moves. I performed all of them flawlessly, then asked her to try. Now, she was a prodigy in the making, but not quite there yet…and she was only six. Perhaps a quadruple aerial spin followed by a skating no-hands cartwheel and finishing with performing the splits and jumping up into a flourish was a bit too advanced. She tried and failed, so I thought I’d regale her with some of my tales of how I strove to learn this move. Forty-five minutes later, I’d just finished the tale of how I got caught in a snowdrift trying to rescue an arctic fox in the middle of a meditation session on the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro when she said she had to go home. Boom, ice skating lessons were over for the day and she hadn’t learned a thing. I can be terrible. But at least I KNOW I can be terrible, so…I can be better.