Drain Mystery Begins

It was a cold, rainy night when the case first landed on my desk. “Blocked Drains – Brighton” the file said. The kind of case that didn’t sit right with me. The city’s drains were clogging up, and something smelled fishier than the Yarra River. I knew I needed to get to the bottom of it, but I’d need some help.

I started by seeking out a reliable drain plumber, someone with experience in drain unblocking and a nose for trouble. I found my man in a small shop, the kind of place that smelled like grease and hard work. He was a no-nonsense guy, the kind who could tell you everything you needed to know about drain camera inspections and sewer repairs.

“Detective Plumblock,” I said, introducing myself. “I need your help with a case involving a series of blocked drains in the Brighton area.”

He eyed me up and down. “Alright, Detective. But we’d better work fast. These blockages are becoming a real problem.”

We started our investigation by visiting the affected areas, gathering evidence and talking to the locals. Quickly enough it became clear that the blockages were no accident. They were deliberate – targeted. Someone was trying to bring Melbourne to its knees, and they were using the city’s sewer system to do it.

With each blocked drain we encountered, the drain plumber would meticulously repair the damage, clearing pipes and restoring flow like a skilled surgeon. But we both knew that unblocking drains wouldn’t be enough. We needed to find the person responsible and put an end to this madness.

It was in the darkest corner of a Brighton alleyway that we found our first real clue. A strange symbol etched into the concrete, seemingly connected to the blocked drains.

With the evidence mounting and the stakes rising, we knew we had to work quickly. The fate of Melbourne rested on our shoulders, and we wouldn’t let her down. For every blocked drain we encountered, we were one step closer to the truth.

And so, our journey into the darkness began. Melbourne’s underground was about to reveal its secrets, and we were ready to face whatever lay ahead.

The old houses’ curse

blocked drain MelbourneI get it. Old houses are aesthetically beautiful, and the history behind them of all the families that came before yours can give it a warm glow, but for goodness sakes, no one tells you just how much harder owning an old house can be! The floors are likely to be falling apart, you’re going to battle against the creaking doors and squeaking floorboards, there’s always a fine layer of dust over everything, and the electrical work is a nightmare. Far and away, though, the worst problems are with the pipes.

Oh my goodness the plumbing. Melbourne has a lot of fantastic plumbers, and so every time we run into a problem, our incredible plumber is always there to help us out, but my gosh, there comes a time when you have to wonder if you wouldn’t be better off just ripping out all the pipes and starting over again from scratch. Things can only get so bad! Having the odd blocked drain in Melbourne is nothing to worry about, but when you have to call your plumber for something different every month, you know there’s a serious problem. You can’t just brush something like that under the rug.

Really, sometimes I wonder if we’ve even done the right thing here. We have two small kids, maybe it would be better if we relocated to a modern house. It’s such an enormous drain running into problems like this left, right, and center. Maybe it would easier, cheaper, and better. Obviously, that would be a huge stress and pressure to put on my family, but sometimes I have to seriously wonder if it would be worth it. At this point, I’m just starting to get really tired of the pure amount of work that goes into maintaining a house like this one.