The wonders of software courses

software development MelbourneWhat an age in which we live. Such a time, full of technology and scholarly progress, where technology is swiftly taking the place of man! Well, maybe not the ‘place’…but I do love my self-serve checkouts. There always needs to be that human nanny hovering over them and scanning their little cards when someone/thing stuffs up, but they’re a great boon to supermarkets. Human interaction is truly a minefield.

That’s why this new app is just me all over, and I’ve had the privilege of being a beta tester! It’s the result of three years of effort on the part of a few geniuses, coming together from software development courses, web design, app design and a few more disciplines. It looks amazing, it’s totally discreet and it works. It really works. Basically, you just put your phone on the table during a date, having activated the app beforehand. You ask a few leading questions- they don’t even have to be direct- and the app analyses all of their answers and gives you an accurate view of that person’s true personality. Because no one is their true self during a date, right? It’s all a bit superficial, trying to be the funniest and most charming version of yourself regardless of whether that’s actually you.

And then the date ends. Before you can go back to wherever you live and get total sucked into how wonderful and magical this person is, you can review what the app has said about them. The one time I’ve tried it, the app told me that he was a political leftist, he has residual maternal issues, is likely overprotective of his game consoles and believes that cats have souls. Yick! Lucky escape!

The app is having trouble getting off the ground due to accusations of inaccuracy, or something…maybe privacy as well. All I can say is that it makes ME want to take up a course in web design somewhere in Melbourne. Apps that judge people? I’ve got to be a part of this.