Changing careers in your thirties

makeup short courses MelbourneAs a life coach I have seen it all. From career breakdowns to marriage failures. I have been there in the best of times and the worst of times. I am here today to dispense some wisdom about studying in later life. I get many clients who tell me how stuck they feel and how frightened they are of retraining in a new area by going back to school. My latest trauma came in the form of a woman wanting to get as far away from the corporate life as possible and follow a childhood dream of becoming a makeup artist.

I guided her through signing up to complete a diploma of makeup, Melbourne has some fantastic learning institutions that are renown within the industry. This should allow her the flexibility to continue to working on the days she isn’t studying. It is not always about taking a massive leap but often about slowly pacing yourself towards a goal. My latest client had always wanted to work in the beauty industry. She had even taken makeup shorts courses in Melbourne while at university but was sucked in by the promise of money working in international finance.

Now years into her career she finally feels ready to set that final goal of working as a beauty therapist. The diploma of beauty based in Melbourne is her first big step, handing in her notice to her current job is her second and then her final stop is landing that dream job!

Digestible chunks is the term given to this goal setting strategy within the life coach industry. It can be scary to turn your life around after years of the same monotonous routine but it always pays off when you are doing what you truly love. Whether it be beauty and makeup studies or archaeological digging, there is a pathway of digestible chunks waiting for you to grasp it!