The joy of colour in the garden

gladioliWith springtime just around the corner, a great and long held tradition is sneaking up on me. Every year without fail since I was a little girl, my mum and I have gone to our favourite garden shop to find the plants of the season. I know most people just buy all the plants for their house when they move in, and then only do a little maintenance when required, but where’s the fun in that? Mum gave me a love of gardening, and she’s not the kind of person who’s happy to look at the same thing day in, day out her whole life. She wants something different, and I can’t say I blame her.

This year, it’s all about the gladioli. Mum’s a huge fan of having an explosive pop of colour or two, just to liven the place up, but despite that she’s never gone down the hyacinth road. It’s actually quite strange that she hasn’t. I mean, over the years, mum’s grown almost every type of flower imaginable in that garden of hers, from alstromeria to zephyranthes, but never has she had a hyacinth. Not that she’s got anything against them, just that it’s never seemed to happen. Either they’d run out of stock or she’d found something online beforehand and decided that she just had to have it. Even when that is the case, and mum knows exactly what she wants before we even go to the nursery, it’s still an experience to go there. I just love wandering through the aisles, looking at all the different types of Summer flowering bulbs and seedlings that will one day grow into a big and strong plant all in their own right. It doesn’t even matter that I don’t live at home anymore, it’s really just a fun mother-daughter activity we do once a year.

App Storm In A Teacup

app design coursesMe and my GF are going to take the technology world by storm. Yeah, so, anyway…technology. Specifically gaming, because the gaming industry is the largest and most financially lucrative industry in the world. They just started offering entire app design courses here in Melbourne (or have they been doing that for a while?) where people can genuinely, for real learn all about apps. And gams! There are game design courses!

Alright, I’m stating the obvious, but what I really should be stating is our plan. July (that’s ‘July’, like the month) and I met on a dating app, and we bonded over our love of mobile gaming. There’s a big market for this stuff, hence why so many people are studying it. But do you know what instantly makes everything better? More labels! It’s culturally proven that the more genres a movie has, the better it is, until the whole thing is just an undefined genre soup. We want to take everything we learned in our respective game design and app design courses to create…the perfect app. It would be a sort of dating app on the surface, but also one that allows casual friendships, like Visage-Tome. You’d interact while playing games, which would reveal a lot about someone if they were a stranger…but also, at the same time, people have to progress through the levels by sharing photos, details about themselves and their aspirations.

Oh, it gets better. See, certain challenges require you to perform rigorous physical activity to progress in your friendship, while others need you to do some quick research on the stock market, or the divisions of Poland. It’s trivia, current events, history, dating, gaming, exercise and friendship, all in one app! No one with a course in app development has attempted such a feat. We’ll soon be tech tycoons, July and I.

Skating the issue of a corporate function

corporate venuesYep, they must be running out of ideas by now. Just too many…things. All the same.

Hmm? I’ve been really absent-minded lately. I know I’ve been getting to sleep at a good and decent time, I’ve been eating very well and I’ve been very productive at work. That last one is the most important, obviously. But still, whenever I’m not at work I just feel listless. The shows I used to watch aren’t too exciting any more, and as for my family, I just don’t find myself rushing home to see them. Funny, that used to be so important. I guess working for Lawrence Corp is really the only thing left.

And we really do have a good time at work. We’re worked hard, but of course, it’s okay when you’re working for the good of the company. Then we get to let off steam at one of the company functions, held at Melbourne’s most prestigious party venues, complete with such entertainment options as ice skating rinks. I don’t…think we used the ice skating last time. We just hung around in the one function room and had a very good time that was very good indeed. No, really…such a good time. Fun, conversation, good things, lots of punch and good things, as well as conversation. I mean, I can’t remember what we talked about…we just had some good conversations, I remember that much.

It’s odd, because I used to have such a good memory, even for little details. In fact…it’s what makes me good at my job. Maybe this function room was so good I just sort of lost myself a bit, which I suppose is a great sign. That’s what the events are for, after all! We need loosen up a little bit, or we’ll go mad.

Yeah, bit fuzzy though. I do remember the punch tasting a bit metallic, but it wasn’t like I had any trouble driving myself home. I just really wanted to get back to work, you know? Melbourne and its corporate function venues are good, and nice, really good, but I know I should be working. We’ve got some very important work to do.