The joys of a fresh garden

tuberous begoniasI’m so excited I can barely breathe. After applying for months and months for any and every job out there on the market, someone has finally decided to give me a go. Well, they haven’t hired me yet exactly, but I’m meeting with a guy, and that’s the most I’ve heard back from anyone in months. And it’s not just any old job either, it’s an amazing job. My dream job, in fact. I would get to work at one of the best nurseries in Melbourne!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a complete green thumb. I’ve spent hours boring my friends to death talking about different plant species and whenever I see a plant I like, it just consumes me. I have a little experience doing something kind of similar, I worked on the grounds of my old school for about six months after I finished, but this is an absolute dream come true.

To make myself the best candidate I can possibly be, I’ve been reading up like crazy. I realised that there’s a huge gap in my knowledge about summer flowering bulbs, and to be honest, flowers in general. Working on school grounds I mostly just dealt with mowing the grass, but private study I’ve mostly focused on trees and ferns. So naturally I’ve been reading up like a madman, trying to learn as much as I possibly can about every type of angiosperm under the sun. Having said that, I decided to start with bergonias. I just figured they’d be a good entry point. Besides, the tuberous begonias is absolutely fascinating.

Still, though, I feel vastly under qualified for this role. I realise they’re probably going to be looking at people who have degrees in horticulture, which I certainly do not have, but I hope my enthusiasm about the subject will be enough to make them at least consider me.

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