The Hair Industry

From what little I know about Father’s many business habits, it all sounds very industrial. You know, all trucks and boats and cars and large pieces of machinery, the function of which I know not. It all sounds terribly dull to me, which is why I suggested at the nightly banquet that Father perhaps take on some more subtle ventures. Perhaps there needs to be an extra hair salon in David Jones, the place my school chums have mentioned? Mother doesn’t let me shop in any places that contain other people; we have to make appointments to have the shops cleared before we go out, so as not to contract common diseases. However, the world could always use more quality hair salons. Not the places where you go in and they seem like they have little concern with your hair, personally…I mean salons where individual follicles are taken into account. A person’s personal tresses are of great import. Once again, this is something I know of from a distance, since Giuseppe the family barber comes to cut our hair in the dedicated styling room here at the manor. I must say, I like the idea of going to a hair salon in principle. All that energy, such buzz, so many delightful smells of hair products. Perhaps THAT will be the area in which I will become a ruthless tycoon: hairdressing. ‘Madeira Hair and Beauty’. Or, I shall do as Father does and simply buy out entire businesses.

No, I like the first thing. Although there must be a good hair salon located in the Melbourne CBD that I can go to without Mother having a fit at the commoners milling around. I need first-hand experience of a hair salon, once that uses quality products and where hair styling is a matter of course rather than a special service. It’s market research…whatever that means. I’ll have to research the term first.